With regard to commercial and residential developments, at inbalans, we merge creative force with expertise and thus provide turn-key solutions, to materialize ideas into working concepts, which are then supported by functional, sophisticated design and ensure all elements of living well.


Our vision is to create developments
that ensure a higher sense of well-being,
and to expand the boundaries of living well.
How do we achieve this?
With our stellar team of professionals...

Kungu 23

Old Town Riga, Latvia

The Clubhouse Kungu 23

Design in process.

The Clubhouse "Kungu 23" consist of 5 luxury apartments of 98 to 196 square, including restaurant & bar on ground floor and SPA.




Jurmala, Latvia

Muižas Nami wellness residence

Concept development, Construction, Architecture, Design.

Muižas Nami wellness residence – is the first of a kind development in the Baltic States, that places human health in the center of design, constructions and operations decisions, ensuring a higher level of well-being can be achieved for its residents and guests, on a daily basis.

Residential complex "Muižas Nami" located in Jurmala, Bulduri, 19 Muizas Street, in the district between Rigas Street and Rezeknes Pulka Street. The complex consists of three buildings, where two buildings are restored wooden architectural monuments, while the third one is an example of modern architecture. Synthesis of the modern building and the wooden architecture of days gone creates a contemporary living environment. "Muižas Nami" residences consist of 20 apartments of 57 to 126 square meters.


Townhouse Jurmala

Jurmala, Latvia

Townhouse Jurmala

Concept development, Construction, Architecture, Design.

360 Tour 

The Project consist of four modern business class apartments of 190 to 230 square meters.  The main goals of the Project are quality, comfort and availability.

Planning the interior includes three bedrooms, two kitchens with integrated home appliances, one on first floor and second for barbeque events use on third floor, living room, well organised built-in wardrobe in the first floor hall and in each bedroom as a private space, bathroom on each floor and lounge zone on third floor with a fireplace. Apartments have a wide terraces on the first and third floor. 

Interior design central element are floating stairs, that connects apartments three levels.

For interior design finish are selected high end materials, like oak floors, custom made wisteria wallcoverings, porcelain tiles with pearl pattern, natural stones and design light fixtures.

Business class apartaments are located in one of the Jurmala silent and peacefull places - Majori, 27  Teatra Street. It is just few minutes walk from the Jurmala beach.

Original architecture is true to location and fits into natural beauty of Jurmala pines.


Amber Spa Boutique Hotel

Jurmala, Latvia

Amber Spa Boutique Hotel

Concept development, Construction, Architecture, Design, Operational management.

Jurmala is the largest resort city in the Baltic states and is well known for its natural treasures:the mild climate in the summer months, expansive  coast, clean air, curative mud reserves and abundancy of mineral water. The attraction of Jurmala hides in its 33 kilometer white sand beach, the large and fragrant pine forest and the natural border with the city,  the river Lielupe cradles the edge of this resort town. In this picturesque and peaceful area, the award winning Amber Spa Boutique Hotel was constructed from the ground floor up, and is operated by “inbalans” since 2008. In 2012, it was nominated as the “best spa hotel”, by the Spa and Wellness international council’s “Perfect Spa” award.

The 21 room boutique hotel is designed in simple, contemporary architecture, fromnatural materials. Wood and glass panels give the space maximum, natural light. The accommodation offer ranges between one, two and three bedroom suites, ranging in size from 14-72sqm. Amber Spa Boutique Hotel is connected to the Balans International Wellness Center by an indoor gallery, where regular exhibitions are organized and showcase the works of Latvian artists. The design of the hotel reflects local heritage and thoroughly embraces the color spectrum of amber, the national stone of Latvia.   


MyLife restaurant

Jurmala, Latvia

“MyLife” restaurant

Concept development, Construction, Reconstruction, Design, Operational management.

“MyLife” restaurant embodies a warm and welcoming environment. The style is rooted in tradition, yet encompasses our vision for the future.  The design takes inspiration from traditional Jurmala terraces, yet has been reinvented by using a modern approach, to create an ideal atmosphere for dining, socializing and feeling reinvigorated. The restaurant was honored with the best “Spa Cuisine” award by the Spa and Wellness International Council in 2012. Award- winning chef, Raisa Alieva, represented Latvia during the International Gastronomy Festivals in Istanbul, Turkey (2010), where she won a bronze medal for presenting the best national dish and in Split, Croatia 2011, she won silver in the segment, “the best vegetarian dish”.


Amber Wellness Spa

Jurmala, Latvia

Amber Wellness Spa

Concept development, Construction, Design, Operational management.

The award winning, Amber Wellness Spa was created in 2005  and offers holistic lifestyle programs, recognized as the “best quality product”, by the Latvian Quality Management Organization .The pioneering Spa includes 15 treatment rooms and a relaxation space, which together encompass more than  340 sq mtrs. The treatment rooms include a doctor’s consultation cabinet, seven massage rooms, a traditional hydrotherapy  complex, two mud and body wrap treatment rooms, a hydro massage room, an aroma-capsule cabinet, a hydro-colonic therapy cabinet, and a signature ritual room for two.  The spa is connected to the beauty salon, which offers services for hair cut and color,  ,manicures, pedicures, waxing  and a sunbed for tanning . The gentle ,amber- influenced design gives the spa a warm, welcoming feel. The soft materials and organic, fluid shapes make one feel instantly comfortable and cocooned.


Balans International Wellness Center

Jurmala, Latvia

Balans International Wellness Center

Concept development, Reconstruction, Design, Operational management. 

Latvia’s first international wellness center opened its doors in 2005, after a complete reconstruction of a soviet community center facility. Prior to reconstruction  it included  a public bath house, laundry services and bathing facilities.  The owners and concept developers, Vadim and Alla, decided to use the traditional model of a sanatorium as a concept base, yet give it  new form and light.  The reconstruction of the center began in 2003 and was completed in 2005. The wellness center was created, that now includes the Russian banya, with a separate section for women and man, a swimming pool ,  a gym area with a cardio, weights room and a studio classes space,  the Amber wellness spa on the first floor, the reception area connected to the  kids and entertainment area, including a bowling alley  and a multifunctional facility in form of a sports/club lounge. 


Sokolovskiye Banyi

Jurmala, Latvia

Sokolovskiye Banyi-

A true Russian banya experience

Concept development, Reconstruction, Design, Operational management.

The Sokolovskiye Banya is the first real, authentic Russian banya in Latvia, and was created and executed in Jurmala, in 2001.  The original public bathhouse and community center, were acquired by Vadim Sokolov in 1996. Two years later Vadim decided to revamp and thoroughly upgrade the facilities and reconstruct the public bath house, to offer guests an authentic Russian banya experience.     

The authenticity of a Russian public bathing house is defined by the technology used to create the right steam, which, traditionally,   is done by the use of a gas stove which is heated at night. The steam maker is then able to create different kinds of steam, depending on the needs of the guests. 

Sokolovskiye banyi was the first organization in Latvia, to receive a license, and later a patent, for the implementation and use of a traditional gas stove. The design of the Russian banya’s is simple and functional, consisting of six cabins, which seat  six  people simultaneously. The men’s banya section includes two VIP rooms, which fit ten and six people respectively. In the beginning of 2013, Sokolovskiye banyi celebrated its 12th year of successful operations. It is now a brand that is internationally famed and recognized, for providing a true Russian banya experience.



Michael Schumacher Island

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Michael Schumacher Island 

Concept development.

The Michael Schumacher Island is based on the residential development of the island originally known as Sri Lanka located in The World Islands, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are proud to name this island in honor of Michael Schumacher, the famous formula 1 champion, who has chosen this particular piece of paradise to inhabit.

The idea of this development was born from the purest from of seashell, murex pectin, a local resident of the Indian Ocean.  A prickly appearance and an intriguing spine can depict unique characteristics of the shell. With the shell as our muse, a vision of solace and security was born. A seashell inspired escape.  As the project began to blossom, the relation between the inspired shell and the prospect of providing and escape from the everyday bustle, emerged.  We aspire to take the spirit of nature and breathe it into the entire architecture of the island, al, in one stroke. The “head” of the shell, will be the grand entrance to the development, visible to travelers for miles. It is not only the focal point of the project, but also forms a shelter to protect the luxurious beach villas.

Rising smoothly from the “head”, is the intriguing “spine” which is the core of the island. The heart and soul of the island is based within this “boulevard”. Just as the sea shell spine grown stronger towards the tail, so the water villas are incorporated, trailing off into apartment block.   Our design places water villas rather than standard buildings along the coast, preserving the spacious and spectacular beaches.

Schumacher shared our vision of this island. A vision of natural space, a fusion of water, air and land blended with the finest standard of living.



inbalans takes pride in its multi-disciplinary team of talented professionals , who, with their international experience, will give insight and state a clear vision, based on practical experience. The team includes architects, interior designers, engineers, hospitality and wellness experts. Among them are owners and operators of successful restaurants, hotels and spa centers.


Chief Executive Officer and Founder

With 25 plus years of entrepreneurial experience  in commercial, hospitality and residential development world wide, Vadim brings invaluable leadership to inbalans. His expertise include developing investment projects in Scandinavia, the Baltics, Russia and United Emirates.

In 1991 Vadim established Casa Development, a construction company based in Moscow, which manufactures its own building materials. Since then, Vadim’s portfolio of  completed projects includes a wide range of  outstanding objects including  the creation of  Hotel Budapest (1991), Russia’s first apartment  hotel, Volga (1992), and  servicing international companies such as Nasa, Texaco, PriceWaterHouse Cooper and others.

Under Vadim’s leadership, various projects and general contracting assignments have been completed for the Russian government including The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UPDK), The Ministry of Heath, including the reconstruction of a national healthcare center for children (RAMN), and Sports federations, building sports and entertainment facilities.   

Recently completed projects include  complete FF&E for Ritz-Carlton, Moscow, the renovation of the  Mariinskii Theatre and the construction of a new destination in Dmitrov, scheduled to open in January, 2014. 

Vadim is the Owner and CEO of the first international wellness destination in Latvia; Amber Spa Boutique Hotel, Balans International Wellness Center, and MyLife Restaurant.

Vadim  has a background in professional sports, and he holds the title of Latvia’s champion in table tennis. He is a passionate amateur tennis player and has won numerous tournaments on the circuit, being recognized by the Russian Tennis Federation as the best Russian amateur player for two consecutive years.  


Director-project development

Carl Henriques is a Danish interior architect, contributing 30 years of experience, in executing interior fitting-out projects in Europe, The Middle East and Asia as well as  supplying complete high end FF&E packages for banks, hotels, palaces, and residential developments.

Carl Henriques is responsible for all phases of project development when it comes to bringing into reality the creative interior designs, the provision of FF&E packages and custom made products to interior designer specifications. Carl oversees interior bids requested by hotel owners or procurement companies operating in the hospitality industry.   
He has simple passion and premise, which is to be a reliable key player and essential partner, in order to bring to reality, the creative interior designs, envisioned by the best international acclaimed designers. His vast experience, sourcing power, multi-lingual and ethnical approach will ensure a profitable and long lasting partnership. 

The latest projects include the developments of guest rooms in Hilton Hotel at Heathrow, Terminal 4, Great Britain, Gstaad Hotel, Switzerland, Grand Hotel, Stockholm, Sweden, The Marriott Hotel, Warsaw, Poland and Four Seasons, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Vadim and Carl have now been partners for over 20 years.


Director of Operations

As  a founding member of inbalans, Alla oversees the company’s hospitality and wellness operations andensures thehighest level of service and financial performance for each project.

Alla is the co-founder and general manager of the first international wellness destination in Latvia, a member of Healing Hotels of the World. Under her leadership, Amber Spa Boutique Hotel was recognized as the “best Spa hotel” and “best spa cuisine” (MyLife Restaurant) in 2012, in an international award ceremony, organized by the International Spa and Wellness Council in Moscow.

At HotSpa, Paris, 2013, Alla was awarded with the honour of “Spa Manager of the Year” She is passionate about popularizing the wellness culture in Latvia and beyond and is actively involved in researching, developing and integrating holistic lifestyle concepts that are successfully adapted into urban and destination environments. 

The Russian Banya has always been dear to Alla, and she is actively involved in the expansion of this concept for international brands. 

All has acquired a wealth of international experience during her numerous relocations and has developed an expertise in the Russian and Eastern European markets, where she has  beenbased for the last eight years. She is an active member of the SPA and Wellness International Council expert league.  

Another of Alla’s current project is a book, to be published October 2014, which explores the traditional wellness culture from the Baltic to the Black Sea and the ways in which people benefit from it today. 

Alla is a graduate of UCLUniversity with a degree in Management with Russian Studies. 


Director of Design

Katarina joined the inbalans team in 2011, as Director of Design.  She is responsible for architectural development, interior design,  and oversees all phases of project management in light of technical services.

Katarina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Material Technology and Product Design from Riga Technical University (2011), as well as a degree in Interior Art Design from The Riga School of Arts and Crafts (2006).

Katarina, talented and creative, discovered her passion for design early in life. Even as a child, she actively participated in various arts, crafts and technical workshops. In 2003, her work was chosen to be displayed in the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Latvia.  

In 2009, she joined the Erasmus program, and completed her internship at the architectural office of Paul de Ruiter in Amsterdam, Netherlands.   

Katarina is constantly evolving her style, and continues to seek inspiration from the sacred nature and ecological environment. Her work is portrayed in soft lines and natural color tones, which are masterfully integrated with elegance, oozing with warmth and a sense of wellbeing.  Her areas of expertise are architectural and interior solutions for hospitality, commercial and residential properties.


The Balans Interiors showroom is located in Riga’s fashionable quarter, Bergs Bazaar. It is the place to visit for ideas, and inspiration. Here you can meet our designers and benefit from a personal and professional consultation on how to transform your visions to reality.
Our designers will brief you on the latest trends and support creations of new designs, which encompass wholesome living.


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Balans Interiors Showroom
Marijas 13 K4 (Bergs Bazaar)
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